Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The wordle, of course

Digital Britain Day (8)

From Wordle.
Main points, via The Guardian. More when read.
4.11pm: To Recap The Main Points:
•Illegal filesharing is "tantamount to theft", repeat offenders will have their broadband connection reduced.
•Part of the BBC licence fee will be used to fund universal broadband access
•But also a levy will be placed on all fixed phone lines to help pay for universal broadband
•A small part of the licence fee digital switchover surplus will fund regional news pilots between now and 2013
•Talks between BBC and C4 are ongoing
•Martha Lane Fox to become "digital inclusion champion"

From Charles Arthur.
British ISPs will be required to cut illegal file sharing on their networks by 70% within a year under new powers set to be given to the communications regulator Ofcom, the Digital Britain report says.

The government will empower Ofcom to demand that ISPs collect data about alleged infringers of online rights – by downloading or uploading content without permission – and to notify them that their conduct is unlawful. Persistent infringers could see their details passed on to rights holders – principally music and film companies, but also games and software companies – which could sue them in court.

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