Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Regional newspapers & Digital Britain

Digital Britain (5)
If the competition laws are relaxed, it could lead to an asset swapping session among the big [newspaper] players, who would concentrate their efforts on specific regions and target television and the internet as competition rather than each other.

However, it is also speculated that such a change could lead to a mega-merger. One newspaper expert told PrintWeek that he believed Johnston Press and Trinity Mirror could be merged to form a newspaper behemoth.

Several of the big players, including Johnston Press chief executive John Fry, head of Guardian Media Group, Carolyn McCall, and Trinity Mirror's Sly Bailey will appear before the culture, media and sport select committee today to put forward their case.

From Print Week.
And here's a Daily Mail blogger with a 'monopoly' thought:
There's plenty of comment about Lord Carter's Digital Britain White Paper today. But no one seems to be mentioning the one big change that could really radically transform "digital britain" - dumping the BBC News website.


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