Monday, June 15, 2009

Good timing

A case of press releases:
The UK’s minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, Stephen Carter, has welcomed the announcement of Virgin Media and UMG’s unlimited streaming and downloads music service.

“Government has a role in creating the right legal and regulatory framework for rights and copyright,” says Carter. “However, the market will flourish through innovative commercial agreements between companies, and agreements such as this will help significantly in reducing any demand for piracy.”

The announcement comes a day before the expected publication of Carter’s Digital Britain report, which includes in its focus questions of how to fight online piracy while fostering legal music services. So it’s good (and presumably un-coincidental) timing on Virgin’s part.

From Music Ally.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said [Virgin Media CEO Neil] Berkett was in constant talks with Lord Carter in the run up to Digital Britain and piracy was a big part of the discussions.

From Media Week

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