Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's hope

Digital Britain Day (2)

From Gordon Brown in the Times.
So the first step must be to make the existing broadband network truly available to all. Just as we remain committed to a universal postal service, we pledge today to give every home, community and company access to broadband internet.

These technological advances will be accompanied by a revolution in content, which they allow. We must develop and sustain public service content, such as commercial regional news, which we all value and rely on, ensuring that it can be delivered across multiple digital outlets by a range of providers accessible to all.

These are difficult times for local newspapers, TV and radio and, as Ofcom has said, a regionalised TV news network is no longer financially viable. However, competition in news - as in business - is vital to provide consumers with the highest quality and we cannot allow a monopoly to take root. Remaining in touch with local issues and holding councils and regional bodies to account is the lifeblood of our democracy.

PS. Tweet from Rory Cellan-Jones
Gordon Brown says Britain will "lead the world" in broadband technology after #digitalbritain. Eyebrows may be raised in South Korea

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