Saturday, December 06, 2008

Zittrain's generative Internet gets Pew backing, sort of

Well, they seem to agree anyway. It makes sense.

...42% of cell phone users, on the average day, use their device for a non-voice data application. The most frequent users of these applications are found in minority groups - African Americans and English-speaking Hispanics. This diversity in the user base suggests there could be a distinct brew of creativity as people tinker with wireless applications in unexpected ways.3 This suggests that users would appreciate policies for wireless devices and networks that keep the gadgets and their connections open to outside innovation. In the private sector, several firms embrace this. For instance, Google's Android project is committed to allowing outside application developers to have access to its devices, and Verizon has made a commitment to allow outside developers to create applications for Verizon's devices.

Pew on "Obama's Internet opportunities".

Latest iteration of Jonathan Zittrain's save the open Internet.

The Original Future of the Internet.

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