Monday, December 01, 2008

Wolff's new Masters of the Universe - technology people and professional managers

Jon Friedman interviewed Michael Wolff for Marketwatch about his new Rupert Murdoch biography a few weeks ago.

He got some media advice as well. Wolff said:

* "Newspapers are over and done with. Broadcast news also."
* "Newspapers are not up to date. Not save-able."
* "Nobody's going to make it in the media in their present form because of the financial meltdown. We're going to have a much smaller, more streamlined media world in which the weak players will be moved out."
* Media companies "are going to stress profitability and all the classic business virtues."
* "The next wave of media leaders is going to be technology people and professional managers, for better or worse."
* "Journalism students should know that this is still an exciting time to be in the news business. Everything has to be reinvented."

Answer? Not this.

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