Friday, December 05, 2008

E-books selling, no IPod moment yet though

...but, for those still anticipating an “iPod of e-books,” it’s still way short of the 1.3 million units the music player sold in it’s first two years.

That said, the iPod didn’t truly take off until more than two years into its life cycle. For now, Sony is playing against only a handful of rivals, Amazon’s net-connected Kindle chief among them,

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Ernesto Priego said...

Well, but shouldn't we then also compare CD sales versus book sales? Isn't this also because reading requires more concentration -seeing remains important when going about a city, for example, while you can more or less do without hearing- than listening to music?

I was thinking the other day while listening to my iPod on the train -I seldom do this, I use my iPod as backup, really, not to listen to stuff- that listening to music and traveling did go well together because of the "linearity" the progression of sound and the physical movement of the listener. Reading advances at a different speed, it seems to me...