Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More jewels in the comments section: a Poem or Song about the Daily Me

From the Daily Beast piece about Sam Zell I found this in the comments section. Thanks to JohnJay60.

This is DAILY ME, a song from 2001 I think, by Dr. Tomasz Imielinski (who is also a Professor at Rutgers).


My personalized newspaper have been delivered again this morning by Yahoo
The headlines today read
"Your wine supply is down,
there are only two bottles left in your refrigerator"
A front page article described
how my basement has been recently successfully
treated for termites,
also quoting unconfirmed reports
from unnamed sources about the colony of ants developing under my bed
A society chronicle discussed the recent party in my house
and in a weekly column, the columnist,
typically not very friendly to me,
questioned my motives behind buying a new car
A sports section carried the minute by minute
coverage of my tennis match with an old buddy
and gossip page quoted "my close friend" speculating
about the imminent breakup of my marriage
A devastating plane crash somewhere far away
was also briefly described in small print on the last page

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