Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jeb's the way: new news

Bush doctrine to work?

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush had a good approach to challenging or controversial issues. He would gather the experts and vested parties from both sides of the issue around the table and basically shut the door, telling the group to figure out a workable solution.

If the group came to a stalemate, he’d let them know he had his own ideas on what should be done, and if they didn’t resolve it, he’d make the decision, adding they probably wouldn’t be happy with the outcome. The opposing sides would scurry back to the table and eventually negotiate a compatible solution for most of the parties.

From the Collier Citizen. Here's how.

That is a new path we are going to try to follow at the Collier Citizen in the coming year. We will begin with one community topic at a time and find experts to help initiate the discussion, then watch as community journalists (you and other experts) direct the dialogue with comments, suggestions and solutions.

Think of the possibilities. We can tackle school budgets, county government budgets, fire consolidation, or EMS/Fire consolidation. Of course, those could be just the start. How about if the community were to adopt a school such as Golden Gate High School and create a forum where the community works together to bring that school back from its poor grade showing last year. The possibilities are endless.

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