Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

George is wondering if the anaemic fellow playing the Tory candidate in The 39 Steps was meant to be him

Sir David has joined the group So The British Aristocracy Has Not Declined And Fallen After All

Tripp has posted a new picture

Bristol commented on Tripp's new picture

Gordon is now friends with Dunkirk

Barack is now friends with Carla, via the People You May Know tool

Butch wants to know "Who are those guys?"

Guido is writing a list

Kevin is no longer friends with Bernard

Stevie G is Offline

Ulrika is feeling shy

Uma is no longer friends with Bernard

Sundance is in Bolivia

Andy is now on Twitter

Jacqui is about to start watching YOU

Kate is now reading The Reader

Sam posted a new picture

Rachel is feeling catty

David became a fan of Running

Santa is considering suing NASA

Baz can hear the sound of money

Pericles, Prince of Tyre is 400

Sarah is now friends with Katie

Big Brother is bored

Jack is getting ready for post-Bush-Doctrine shoot-outs

Roger, Simon & John have joined the group We Hate Paper

Evan wonders how long it will be before Facebook is the New Christian Science Monitor?

JLo is single

Nigella is now friends with Jose

Zavvi is now offline

Emmanuelle is now in Prequel

Eartha and Harold are now offline

Steve says that nobody will read books with E-Readers

Techcrunch has posted a new link: "Netbooks from Apple"

Bill is still a PC

Tim is still Semantic

Dick liked his Darth Vader mask

Arianna and Jon have joined the group What Do We Do Now?

Derek is now Online

Derek is now friends with Peter and Gordon

Tristram is angry about the Library

Tina is now a blogger

2008 is now 2009

Robin is Offline

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