Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nihilism or Not? The Guy Fawkes Kid Goes Prosey and Self Justifying

Everything all right at home? Though this is interesting in an interpretive way...

Asking political bloggers to "add value" is to misunderstand the relationship between a free press and politicians. Take a memo Ms Blears, we are not here to "add value", or do what politicians want, Guido has his own values and aims to hit back at political hypocrisy and lies. Politicians make laws, so they should be held to account, to a higher standard. The Nick Robinsons, Peter Riddells, Michael Whites and Steve Richardsons of the world don't do investigative digging, they report back their impressions from their lunch meetings. They re-package and interpret spin from the party machines. That is how they "add value". They are what Peter Oborne memorably described as the "client media".

From Guido Fawkes' blog, on his birthday as it were.

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