Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog on Blogging is almost in Latin and the Quill used to write it is just a tad acidic for these times

In the US "shock-jock" populist talk radio of the Howard Stern school has overwhelmingly been rightwing and partisan regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans occupy the White House. We have nothing so vicious (or vacuous) here. Indeed, the dominant BBC is often criticised for being culturally liberal as well as politically nihilistic, sometimes rightly so.

The Guardian's Michael White takes a punt at explaining the InfoWeb and Web Logs in the wake of Hazel Blears claiming that bloggers could be nihilsts.

Here's another extract:

Jon Cruddas, a Portsmouth comprehensive school boy, who has moved up in the world far enough to have been a Downing St aide, now MP for Dagenham, is always banging on about the white working class being excluded from New Labour's multicultural meritocracy.

Chris Hughes anyone?

Why not?

Or this, which is the best answer of all.

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