Friday, November 07, 2008

Daily Beast is Time-Locked in 1937. And you thought US bloggers were in touch?

Cameron and his best friend George Osborne, who are toffs in the true English sense of the world, had attempted to portray themselves as fresh, modern, and not associated with the Conservatives’ sleazy past. They both went to Eton, Britain’s most elite public school, where Prince William and Prince Harry were educated. Yet here was Osborne, who has led an incredibly rich and privileged lifestyle, talking dodgy donations with a Russian oligarch. In a year’s time he could be custodian of the nation’s finances.

This appeared today in Tina Brown's Daily Beast and was written by Andrew Pierce.

Byline: And You Thought U.S. Conservatives Were Out of Touch!

The blog describes Pierce thus:

Pierce never went to university and cut his teeth on local papers.
Currently Assistant Editor of The Daily Telegraph, he also regularly appears on TV and radio.

So, let's get this straight: in the era of 24/7 news, the death of the deadline and Wikipedia - because it feels a bit like the reporting of Wallis Simpson & Edward the Foxe, or whoever he was - a two week old story that has trawled and spidered its way around the world and back, halted only briefly by the US election, is filed this morning on a brand new and much-hyped blog with no new news except that George Osborne went to school at Eton. Which of course he didn't. Now this doesn't matter much, except that maybe the editor has some idea about the difference between St. Pauls school and Eton? And news values?

Meanwhile, around the time Andrew Pierce was filing, Labour, of all parties, was winning a by-election in the UK.

You have to keep up, Tina. The world's got a bit quicker. And a lot more fact-checkerly: surely you remember working on the New Yorker?

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