Monday, October 06, 2008

Rise up, you have nothing to lose but your IPhone

The mobile society - is completely different to the industrial society, it requires a new logic and a new way of thinking of how to create business, civil governance, health care and education.

The Mobile Society already exists, dotted across the 4 corners of the globe - yet it does not exist in any one country. This is because we are in transition from one type of economy to another, the collapse of the banking system recently perhaps a painful symbol of that transition.

But also the reason why it is not universally adopted is because there are vested interests that do not want the mobile society to flourish - as it signifies [1] a re-ordering of business models, [2] flows of communication [3] the appearance of new gate keepers in the information distribution wars. This is a natural pattern when society changes structurally.

From Alan Moore.

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