Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Have cell phone can blather

Second stage (and thus first change) is literacy. The approx 6-7 year old learns to read. And goes to school and discovers friends not selected by the parents or not out of the back yard of the home. New friends, new influences. Now things like brand competitiveness starts to emerge, I want Levis brand jeans, not the ones mother had suggested, etc.. But most importantly for readers of our blog, any digital media will not be powerfully (probably fully) able to be used. Yes, we have lots of videogames and basic computer programmes for even younger kids but after they learn to read, they can go Google and discover the digital world for themselves. If for some reason you don't have the PC and connection for them at home, soon they will find a best friend who has a PC and broadband in their room and suddenly spend a lot of time visiting that friend.

The above and a ton more cellphone aphorisms, can be found here. Tomi T. Ahonen is a "five-time bestselling author and consultant on digital convergence and mobile telecoms", who is based in Hong Kong. Ahonen lectures at Oxford University's short courses on high tech and convergence.

Thankfully not on life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robin and readers of the Around Robin blog

Thanks for mentioning the blog posting. I wanted to point out, I sense you are probably based in North America (calling it the cell phone rather than mobile phone). And cute comment on the blather.. But probably you should note, that for young people worldwide - and in America - the primary purpose of the cell phone is NOT to talk (and to blather, ha-ha) but rather to exchange SMS text messages with the phone. And this trend is rapidly moving up the age pyramid, now in countries as diverse as the UK and New Zealand, the majority of the population say that the primary purpose of owning a cell phone is to be able to send and receive SMS text messages - NOT to talk.. Just a little thought for you and your readers.


Tomi Ahonen :-)