Monday, October 06, 2008

BBC Open City

Without the BBC, universality of news service might dry up, investment in UK programmes and journalism would be substantially damaged and we might find ourselves with total market failure. It would resolve the tensions between preserving an innovative and varied ecology in media and needing a public service champion, but a global representative is going to take some bold and creative thinking.

The Guardian's Emily Bell on the BBC.
The Guardian's Jemima Kiss on the BBC.
The director general Mark Thompson has directed the corporation to think beyond proprietary rights management to a new era of interoperability that offers consumers wider choice, control and benefits from "network effects" - the virality and interconnectedness of the web.

And more...
In regional news, the BBC could make all its video reports, audio, text and comments available to commercial rivals and trigger a renaissance in local journalism. And it could allow people to remix BBC news footage for themselves, perhaps for a "day you were born" birthday present or a significant football match.

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