Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Programmer Journalism, joining Google?

Holovaty gained fame for linking up Google Maps with local crime statistics to create, one of the first mapping mashups. And he gained cred in the journalism world by melding programming and reportage at the Washington Post.

Adrian Holovaty helped to create Now he has a local news start-up, Everyblock. Here is Chicago.

And this is the FAQ
EveryBlock is a new experiment in journalism, offering a Web "newspaper" for every city block in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC — with more cities to come. Enter any address, neighborhood or ZIP code in those cities, and the site shows you recent public records, news articles and other Web content that’s geographically relevant to you. To our knowledge, it’s the most granular approach to local news ever attempted.

So will Mr. Holovaty join Google? Valleywag thinks so:
If Holovaty does land at Google, expect him to transform Google News into a site that's more of a database of information than a news archive. He's long been critical of the newspaper industry's focus on stories, rather than information. A police-blotter news report, for example, is not as useful as a website which displays crimes on a map by type and date. If Holovaty's going to save journalism, he may have to do it at a search engine that many believe is killing the newspaper business. They can't say he didn't warn them.


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