Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now I feel Old - introducing the drug dealer IPhone game

DrugLords is a location-based massively multiplayer online game about drug trafficking. Using GPS inside your iPhone, you become a drug dealer in the criminal underworld, which exists parallel to your everyday life.

From a-steroids. I'm assuming this is a joke.

But then here's Mashable:
Unfortunately, the game is currently in early, closed beta stage, but, according to the developers, a free beta version will be launched in the next couple of weeks and distributed through the iTunes App Store. I’ve no doubt that we’ll see more and more games which use the iPhone’s location and networking capabilities to create massive multiplayer worlds in which you can immerse on the go.

Is October 29 some kind of online April Fool's Day?


Anonymous said...

This is for real and its MAD!!! I am beta testing for 2 days and i am HOOKED.

Robin Hunt said...

I think you mean addicted.