Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am The Daily Telegraph & I have a Problem

From Hacks Anonymous...

“We’ve been playing catch up for the last two or three years. What is required is radical action. I’m not certain at the moment we have the people in the industry who have the ideas to be radical enough. I think we’re constantly behind the curve with technological change and development,” he said.

“No matter how fantastic our newsroom looks and our web-first model is, we still look at things through the prism of newspapers.”

Justin Williams, Assistant editor of Telegraph Media Group talking at the NMK "What Happens to Newspapers?" event.

The Interweb is 15 years old. Relativism is about 80. The Telegraph has been online longer than the Guardian. This is trauma.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident (AKA the Daily Telegraph):

Sir John Tusa, said that the BBC had got its approach to programming for younger listeners and viewers "monumentally and tragically wrong" and urged Mr Thompson to act.

His comments came as Mr Sach's grand-daughter Georgina Baillie, 23, said she was "utterly horrified and disgusted" by the prank, in which the pair left messages on the Fawlty Towers actor's answering machine revealing Brand had sex with her.

Sir John told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Mark Thompson, the director general, has got to act. He can't ask the new director of audio and sound Tim Davie, who has no experience of broadcasting policy (to deal with it). He is a man from marketing - you can't throw him to the wolves like this.

"Mark Thompson has got to stand up. When the Prime Minister is involved and the leader of the opposition is involved, the director general has got to stand up early - soon, today - and personally get a grip of the whole issue and get a report very, very fast."

A man from marketing, eh? Probably wears red socks as well. Sir John Tusa is 72. Radical Action is Required.

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