Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling Old? Two 19 year olds & the Twitter/Penguin book deal

...And what, to give this a
bit more focus, best expresses the souls of 21st century Americans?

First, of course, is literature. Perhaps we are simply part of the effete corps of
impudent snobs, but we concluded that no generation is complete without its
high writing --and an appreciation for what had come before. Dante,
Shakespeare, Stendhal, Joyce and J.K. Rowling…surely these names still
meant something!

The second is Twitter.More than any other social networking tool, Twitter has
(at least for the last five minutes of Eonic time), refined to its purest form the
instant-publishing, short-attention-span, all-digital-all-the-time, self-
important age of info-deluge that is the essence of our contemporary world. As
such, it demands our attention – and gets it.

So what could be better than to combine the two?

From TWITTERATURE:The World's Greatest Books, Now Presented in Twenty Tweets or Less
A little more here. Think Wes Anderson meets Clay Shirky.

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