Monday, June 22, 2009

Consumers Speak, Read, think about wallet

Online is now the most popular place to browse, up to 40% from 17% in last year's poll, displacing chain bookshops which slid from 34% to 31%. Respondents were even more interested in technology with more stating an interest in innovations such as e-readers, in-store p.o.d. machines and downloads to mobiles and iPods. "It seems like there is a greater acceptance for books, technology and print to come together," [William] Higham said.

From the Bookseller.

William Higham's company is Next Big Thing. One of his trend groups is the 'new puritans'
Today’s teens are hugely different to Generation X or the Baby Boomers. Like Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous, many are reacting against the hedonism and youthful ‘cool’ of their parents and older siblings, exhibiting more ‘adult’ traits than their elders.

They are increasingly drawn to moral certainties and the assurance of tradition. Contrary to tabloid headlines, they’re moving away from drink, drugs and casual sex, and towards community, principled life strategies and ‘old fashioned’ leisure pursuits.

Which makes me wonder about the book research as well.

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