Friday, June 26, 2009

Another take on that drift away from blogs towards Twitter

In response to the Arthur piece in the Guardian. From Sharpe's Opinion.
I’d like to think that there’s an even better reason, though: I’d like to think that perhaps, just perhaps, everyone’s gone quiet because they’ve [the bloggers] won.

Think about it: the driving force behind the success of the blogosphere in the UK has been the desire to break open the Westminster bubble; to force our Government, and our national press, to listen to the people, rather than endlessly circling around themselves. To expose the lies and the scandals at the heart of our political system.

And now we have. Victory is ours. The bloggers are being taken seriously, and the Government is on the run.

And in the comments section Guido Fawkes adds:
You know you are on to something here. I am finding it hard to break new ground when all the papers read like a Guido post from a year ago – “snouts in the trough”, “they are all at it”, “jail MPs” etc.

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