Monday, January 09, 2006

Rebranding "Syriana"

Already much reviewed in the US, and elsewhere, and coming to the UK in March.

Interesting take from Amir Taheri, born in Iran, who was between 1980 and 1984 the Middle East editor for the London Sunday Times, and has been a contributor to the International Herald Tribune since 1980. He has been a columnist for Asharq Alawsat since 1987. Here's a little...

One answer to why anyone might want to make such a film is, of course, the very American desire to make money. And as things stand today there is a large market for dissent in the United States. In a recent trip to the US I noticed that unless you took a dig at the Americans no one would even listen to you. In one session when I politely suggested that George W Bush might be a better choice than either Mullah Omar or Saddam Hussein I was nearly booed by my American interlocutors.

The truth is that there is a market for self-loathing in the US today and many, including the producers of “ Syriana”, are determined to cash in on it.

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Olen Steinhauer said...

Having viewed it a third time last night, I can see his reaction, but it feels a little knee-jerk to me. Syriana was in large part funded by Participant Productions, founded by the multi-billionaire founder of eBay, who spends nearly all of his money on progressively political works. Alawsat's right that dissent sells, but that's a result of current political polarization in the States, and just because it sells does that make it questionable?