Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ahead of the curve(s)

Five years ago I started writing a book with an architect about the relationship of physical space and the way we buy things. Retailisation had a tricky birth (quite a few of the websites we mentioned had a tendancy to go bust, and this wasn't a warts and all book, rather a guide to what's coming, informed by what had gone before) though it did make it eventually. One of the throwaways in the text was the significant role of pornography on the evolution and adoption of new technologies - it's a fairly well known jounrney. Now, signs that pornography not only boosts the "democratizing" of new technoligies, but it moves into the space before the technology is even ready.

Digital Playground, one of the adult industry's top software suppliers, recently released a $2 million film, "Pirates," which was shot entirely in high definition. It was released on video in a three-disc set, two of them standard DVDs and the third in HD.

"Right now, most consumers can't play the HD disc because next-generation players aren't yet on the market," said Martin Blythe, spokesman for the Video Software Dealers Assn., which co-sponsored the show with AVN. "But the point is, these companies are already ahead of the curve."

Adult Video News estimates $12.6 billion spent on porn in 2005

And I'm sure I read somewhere when the I-Pod video launched that porn wouldn't play a part.

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