Monday, December 12, 2005

spin on a costly propaganda slip up

The practical problem with such schemes—as any historian of the Cold War might have told the Bush administration’s eager beavers—is their inevitable exposure. That’s what happened decades ago, when C.I.A.-financed journalists and publications were exposed at home and abroad. Certainly that was the predictable conclusion of this misadventure, too, which relied rather heavily on the tradecraft of inexperienced and arrogant young Republican boobs at an outfit called the Lincoln Group

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And this is from the Lincoln group website. No really it is:
A Case Study in Flexibility

Lincoln Group designed and produced tens of thousands of water bottles with custom messages for the Marine Corps during a dangerous conflict. The water bottles and their messages were produced locally and distributed throughout two major metropolitan areas in support of Coalition forces. These messages, written on the labels of the water bottles, promoted friendly discourse and encouraged religious pilgrims to call a phone number imprinted on the bottle in the event they noticed insurgent or criminal activity in their area.

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