Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rebranding Introduction

One of the subjects this blog will consider over time is rebranding. Whether branding exists or if, in fact, the concept is really an amalgum of many disciplines and ways of seeing - and blogging - I couldn't any longer say. Suffice to say I worked in branding for a while and it is a conufusing, sometimes compromising, field. In the cases which follow I think "change in an interesting way" is a suitable definition.

Sometimes: "ridiculous way"

1. Indian Airlines
2. Old Hollywood stars
3. Kangaroo meat
4. Lionsgate films
5.David Cameron (and thus the Conservative Party)
6. The Drunken Monkey pub
7. James Bond (first time around)
8. American Cities
9. Military blogs
10. "Syriana"
11. "The Death of Newspapers (Again)"
12. ITV

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