Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rebrand (very old, quite famous)

Today’s New Discovery is:

#1. Mary Wickham Bond, the wife of the bird watcher and author, James Bond, (whose name provided Ian Fleming with his licenced-to-kill hero) wrote a book about it in 1966.

How 007 Got His Name is a 62-page trip into pre pre-history:

“…And after reading Dr. No, my JB thought you’d been to Dirty Dick’s in Nassau and talked with old Farrington and got from him the story about the “Priscilla” and a wild trip about Jim’s collecting parrots on Abaco. That was the time spent several nights in a cave full of bats to get away from the mosquitoes…
…This is a hurried letter because we’re getting off to Yucatan and Cozumel this afternoon, thence back to Nassau where we’ll spend a few days with the Chaplins.
I tell my JB he could sue you for defamation of character but he regards the whole thing as a joke.
Sincerely yours…”

To which Fleming replied in a friendly letter:

“In return I can only offer your James Bond unlimited use of the name Ian Fleming for any purpose he may think fit. Perhaps one day he will discover some particularly horrible species of bird he would like to christen in an insulting fashion…”

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