Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pay: the new business model

The Guardian Media Group chief executive, Carolyn McCall, said today that the Guardian could charge for more specialist parts of its website guardian.co.uk, such as MediaGuardian.co.uk.

"Charging for B2B is the way to go," McCall told delegates at this first session at the World Magazine Congress representing cross-media businesses.

McCall said that the econonmic environment meant publishers were rethinking their business models.

From the Guardian - which has always been a brave pioneer.

..."digital" carries with it a whole set of properties that can be readily understood and that go beyond media and into other areas of society. One key, defining principle of things that are "digital" is that they can be very easily copied, compressed and transmitted. In other words, "digital" and "free" (in every sense, not just the monetary sense) go together like Morecambe and Wise, fish and chips, or banks and bailout.

Also from a recent Guardian - which has always been an insightful observer of new media.

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