Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Public Domain

A website that will allow publishers to generate a notice of copyright infringement with a few clicks of the mouse is due to launch in January. The Publishers Association said that its portal, unveiled yesterday at its International conference, would make reporting copyright infringement straight forward and save time. But it added that the website also had the added benefit of allowing publishers to pool information and identify repeat infringers.

From the Bookseller.

As is this:
Glamour model Katie Price will be honoured as a "Reading Hero" at a Downing Street reception hosted by Sarah Brown, wife of the prime minister.

Price, who has autobiographies, novels and children’s books to her name, was chosen as the celebrity who has done the most to encourage children or adults to get reading this year in a public vote held on the National Year of Reading (NYR) website. She will join 33 other Reading Heroes nominated by an NYR panel at the Downing Street event next February.

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