Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Newspapers on Facebook important updates 1

The Chicago Tribune is now reading Chapter Eleven

Jeff thinks he knows everything, but Roy knows better

Roger believes that bloggers should always be topless

Paul is happy to be reciting that monologue again

Ian is wondering if he will always be known for Wallcharts

Stephen has started the hat diet

Guido thinks he might be going soft

Sir Michael has been soft for a long time

Charles has commented on Jonathan and Russell again

Charles is now a fan of YouTube

Sam is now writing The Forty Six Steps

Charles has removed television from his list of interests

Roger Commented on Marina's new photo

Catherine joined the group I'm Feeling Hateful Again

Simon cannot believe that Franz Ferdinand has been shot

Roger and John and Simon are now friends with Paul, but Paul thinks they're all monologues

Henry has re-joined MI6

Nick is wondering why the world is so flat and has concluded that it is all the fault of PR

Robert is still a fan of his friend's books

Rod is thanking his lucky stars that despite the credit crunch there still is money to be made from fraying Victorian hemp

Richard is in Florida

Richard has added England to places he'd like to visit

Michael commented on David's new play

David is now online

David is now writing a play about the failure of the internet to bring about democracy

David is looking forward to the first night of his new play, Only Connect

Michael commented on David's new new play

Dylan is worried about the credit crunch

Robert is blogging

Roland is now friends with Robert

Peter is now friends with Robert and Roland and George

The Indy has joined the group Save the Chicago Tribune

Jeremy is still offline

Simon added Lohengrin to his Music I Like

Mark has joined the group I Love I-Player

Piers poked Simon

Simon poked Piers

Lionel is now friends with James and Rupert

Marjorie is frankly confused

The London Newspaper is thinking WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?

The Guardian has moved

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, incisive, bitchy! Do one about academia next!!!