Monday, November 10, 2008

Digital Natives Prepare for Premature Middle Age of Revolution, Engagement and Transparency

At least it will be full of ideas.

The research paints a generally encouraging picture. Those in the 12- to 30-year-old cohort prize freedom of choice, like to customize everything they do, collaborate, value integrity, and can live more easily than their parents with information overload and constant innovation. Mr. Tapscott argues that in contrast to earlier generations that took in information passively, such as through television, this generation "has been flooded with information, and learning to access, sort, categorize and remember it all has enhanced their intelligence." They "have had to search for, rather than simply look at, information."

Don Tapscott via the Wall Street Journal.

...young people's expectations also reflect digital values, which can include fast rejection of anything that smacks of spin or hypocrisy. "Obama understood the intersection of demographics and technology and promised engagement and interaction," Mr. Tapscott said in an interview. "But if he now says to young people, 'Thanks, now go passive for four years until my re-election,' there will be outrage. It will make the reaction of the 1960s generation look like kid stuff."

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