Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bi-sexual, androgynous...anything but all men: the future of innovation

The BI researcher’s study shows that the optimal innovation climate is characterised by an emotional tone that is open, trusting, accepting, free of tensions and with respect for differences and disagreements.

“In a good innovation climate, everyone feels secure enough to take part in discussion, they know what the aims of the group are, they stick to the subject and support one another’s ideas,” says Ms. Solberg.

When will they remake that "I belong to the (beat) blank generation" song as "I belong to the Google Generation?" Some good stuff here:

It is claimed that an even distribution of men and women means greater efficiency because they are different and because, together, they are more innovative. The interaction between men and women will lead to better decisions: for example new perspectives, new products, new customers or other ways or working.

It has been an ugly decade, hasn't it?

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