Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't Trust the Papers to Report on Trust, even

The survey found that eight times more British people trust judges to tell the truth than trust tabloid journalists to do so. Sadly, but not at all surprisingly, this finding went almost wholly unreported. Lucky, privileged Dacre.

I say this finding went unreported, which it did. However, other parts of the research from which it came - a survey of attitudes towards conduct in public life commissioned by the independent committee on standards - were vigorously covered. One part of the report in particular caught the media eye. Many papers carried stories about the low esteem in which the public holds government ministers and MPs - "Get your snouts out of the trough" (Daily Mail), "Trust in MPs at new low" (the Sun), "Sleaze tsar slams greedy MPs" (the Mirror). There was nothing in any of these reports, however, about public attitudes to the media.

Martin Kettle in the Guardian.

Some of us did.

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