Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fact of the Matter, doesn't matter

Now, though, facts seem irrelevant, at least to the campaigns. “I think we may have had an impact earlier in the campaign,” says Viveca Novak of, “but now we don’t seem to be having much of one.”

Slate on the End of Facts.

When a politician says something, the assumption is that it adheres, however loosely or distantly or illogically, to the truth. This week has shown that assumption to be hopelessly naive.

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pkamons said...

And if this is now the status quo, then...? A nod of thanks to for the noble effort on behalf of We, The People. But now the American Right has made a game of it, and slammed the hockey puck back to our end of the rink. There are enough of us who care about The Truth to demand better. Where is the response????