Monday, September 08, 2008

The Facebook News Feed is Two

We are more comfortable sharing our lives and thoughts instantly to thousands of people, close friends and strangers alike.

What the hell happened to my views on privacy and the views of so many others?

Asks Mashable's Ben Parr.

When students woke up that September morning and saw News Feed, the first reaction, generally, was one of panic. Just about every little thing you changed on your page was now instantly blasted out to hundreds of friends, including potentially mortifying bits of news — Tim and Lisa broke up; Persaud is no longer friends with Matthew — and drunken photos someone snapped, then uploaded and tagged with names. Facebook had lost its vestigial bit of privacy. For students, it was now like being at a giant, open party filled with everyone you know, able to eavesdrop on what everyone else was saying, all the time.


The NYT in more Facebook News Feed depth.

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