Thursday, June 11, 2009

France, the Internet and Human Rights

On Nicolas Sarkozy's three strikes...
Some European countries, however, have all but succumbed to the pressure of the media industry; France, in particular, has gone the farthest, since the three strikes law was approved there by the French National Assembly with the support of the president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Now, however, this measure has been dealt a blow by the French Constitutional Council (highest legal authority in France), which rejected the idea that some newly created agency can have the authority to disconnect a user from the net. The Council said that free access to the internet was a human right, and only a judge should have the power to disconnect someone.

From Mashable. And CNET adds:
The council said "free access to public communication services on line" was a human right that only a judge should have the power to disconnect.

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