Monday, May 18, 2009

New Business model, same lack of names

CNN: You plan to launch next fall - who is signed up so far?

Crovitz: I won't mention any companies but it's fair to say we've spoken to the largest news publishers in the world and every one of them has expressed an interest in moving toward a paid model.

The current recession has reminded publishers that advertising is a very cyclical business. That's proven today not only for traditional media companies, but even online-only organizations. There is pressure on online advertising to make a go of it, which really hasn't happened yet.

For many news publishers, a high percentage of readers come from outside the country .... British Web sites get a lot of traffic from the U.S., and so forth. Typically, capturing that audience been a very hard sell to advertisers, because most advertisers are not organized that way. (Micropayments for news articles) are a way to generate revenue from an international audience.

From the CNN interview with Gordon Krovitz.

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