Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai: making judgments

It is not that the information sea has failed in its coverage of the Mumbai tragedy, but making judgments of trust about the veracity of the reporting is especially difficult.

Anger at the media for their coverage of the terror attacks in Mumbai is apparent on the blogosphere. For one, the mainstream media appears to have taken the approach of “shock and shake”, as opposed to verifying rumors before reporting them. But the nation appears glued to their television sets, as it is probably the most “live” source of information at this point in time.

Read some of the comments here: this is the democratisation of doubt. Increasingly the fissure between what is happening, and how it is being reported locally, regionally, nationally, globally (and commented upon by experts, locals, and all of us) becomes part of the story.

Not that in war truth is the first casualty, but that in live events such as now, broadcast and posted globally, the foundations of authenticity are visibly shaky. How do we trust in this environment?

Pictures via The Guardian.

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