Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Changes when Clooney options your new novel

Olen Steinhauer, Montenegro, 2005
Robin Hunt

I left off before with a cliffhanger: Me and my agent entering the Shoreham Hotel, penthouse level, door #6. What lay behind that door? Something cool, no doubt. Doubt not: It was cool. A slick moderned-up suite with windows everywhere, a flatscreen television showing off cover images of The Tourist, waiters with curious snacks, and a bartender serving up “The Tourist”–a cocktail they rustled up for the event, which includes:

Skyy Cherry vodka
White cranberry juice
Red cranberry juice
–and two sliced strawberries for garnish

Okay, looking at it now it looks a pretty sissy drink. Sam Tanenhaus said it tasted like a Shirley Temple. But the magic is all in the proportions, which is a state secret.

Olen Steinhauer in Contemporary Nomad

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