Thursday, August 28, 2008

After Marxism, Relativism

Found a copy of Lesley Chamberlain's "Motherland, A Philosophical History of Russia" today. It was published in 2004. Just read this in the preface:

"...Russian thought has spent much of its time and energy defining a specific Russian way of seeing and doing things. To the extent that there is Russian philosophy it has asked and continues to ask not 'What is the truth?' but 'what is the Russian truth?'..."


The Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, claimed today the Caucasus crisis was started by the Americans as an election campaign ploy.

As Russia found itself increasingly isolated internationally because of its invasion of Georgia and its decision to recognise two breakaway regions of Georgia as independent states, Putin suggested the Georgia war had been cooked up in Washington to create a neo-cold war climate that would strengthen John McCain's bid for the White House and wreck the prospects of Barack Obama.

From The Guardian.

Am motoring though Motherland in search of more quotes, obviously.

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