Monday, May 11, 2009

Michael Wolff sits on the fence again

The Wolff is at the door.

Defending newspapers is just a nostalgic act. But what about journalism, the kind that’s produced, in Frank Rich’s self-congratulatory description, by “brave and knowledgeable correspondents?” Rich wants people to pay for that sort of newsreel-sounding journalism. So does Rupert Murdoch, who just announced a micro-payment system at the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s immaterial,” says Rich about whether that journalism is “on paper, a laptop screen, a Blackberry, a Kindle or podcast.”

But that’s nostalgic, too. Of course it’s material. The form and the means of delivery always change the content, for better or worse.

We’re in the middle of one of the greatest transitions in the history of news. There will neither be newspaper nor, for that matter, the television evening news.

There will neither be Frank Rich nor Rupert Murdoch nor cheap, crabbed, slow-to-respond, protect-their-own-ass, news organizations

Michael Wolff in Newser.

...Unique Visitors to increased to 19.4 Million in April, surpassing the New York Times for the first time...

From Compete.

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