Thursday, April 30, 2009

Opening His Heart

The new journalism will be more transparent, accountable, responsive, will have the humility to admit mistakes - and will be open source, showing workings, methods, sources and footnotes.

The Guardian reports on its own editor-in-chief.

"We are describing something that has a far greater joint authority that comes about through shared information and through a shared idea about what the community needs," he said.

"If this is a form of journalism of which people feel they are a part, which people trust, believe in and and feel involved with, then we are halfway there towards this question of a business model. It's a reason to be immensely cheerful amongst the gloom about our industry and if we can get over this question about our economic model - it's a big if - it's possible we are not going into an obituary for journalism but something like a golden age for journalism."

Alan Rusbridger at Queen Mary, the University of London

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