Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hiatus Status: twitter et al

“ Twitter did not just kill my blog though, it also killed my golf game. I have not played a round of golf since my birthday in September and as passionate as I have been about golf since my early teens, I barely miss it. Tiger Woods wounded my golf game because no matter how much I played or practiced and no matter how much technology I threw in my bag, I could NEVER hit the shots he could hit. Twitter finished it off for now because it replaces the social part of the game that I craved. The course was where I ‘closed’ business.

The Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson, writing today about - I guess - time. I too have cause to wonder how to find the time to juggle two blogs, a tumblog, twitter, facebook, and two email accounts. Life in eight tabs isn't easy. In the absence of Around Robin newspapers have got into worse shape, (Chicago Tribune, holy hell!) and Jon Stewart has gone for the financial press.

I've been looking hard at download culture, and the results will be published soon: it's a free-fall world out there if the figures are anything close to accurate. And I've just signed to write a book about the future of the book. There is life after post-modernism, and Budapest. And the Kindle works on the iPhone...the e-reader is coming!

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