Thursday, January 08, 2009

Now Adult Publishing Wants a Slice of Bailout

That's not a title, btw.

[Larry] Flynt and Joe Francis, best known for persuading college grads to take their tops off in Girls Gone Wild, are the latest to line up for a Washington handout. They claim that their business is battling competition from readily available online porn. Worse still, in these times of economic turmoil, it's suffering from a depressed American libido.

From The Times.


SexArise! Team said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with what Mr. Flynt and Mr. Francis claim. Sex may be seen as dirty but it's also beautiful and most of all, it's an important aspect in our lives. To me it seems more of a publicity stunt and if that's what it is then I guess it worked!
- J Allen

Vin said...

Actually, the first printed periodical to be put out of business by the Internet was Penthouse magazine, which went bankrupt several years ago. Shall we say that its circulation couldn't stand up in the face of free porn.

Founder Bob Guccione, who had originally started the glossy as Mayfair magazine in London before moving to American and renaming the title, lost everything but his townhouse and a small part of his art collection.

The bankruptcy court sold the Penthouse trademark and the periodical was been restarted a year later by an investment group (who at the last minute beat Jenna Jamieson's attempt to purchase the title), but it's not the original magazine.